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VSL Consulting is an innovative leadership development company with extensive experience, delivering high-quality programming and management expertise to educational institutions and youth leadership development programs in community based organizations.  Our strengths include conceptualization, training, and facilitation. 

Our student programs are aligned with the NYC DOE College and Career Readiness Common Core Standards.  We concentrate on the socio-emotional components: Academic and Personal Behaviors and College and Career Access.  We support the education, promotion and development of positive habits in students.  VSL Consulting firmly believes that investing in these modules will ultimately increase not only their academic ability, but will allow them to recognize excellence and experience excellence in all aspects of their lives—academically, professionally and personally—skills that will carry forward into adulthood.

We also offer professional development opportunities to schools and their teachers in behavior management, classroom environment and questioning.  We use the Danielson Framework as reference to achieve the best possible outcomes in the classroom.  We are committed to making sure that your vision is fully actualized and ensure positive results in the lives of our participants.

Throughout my career, I have been fortunate enough to work at and with organizations that are at the forefront of youth development.  I have also played an instrumental role in developing, renewing, and implementing innovative youth development curriculum and programs based on proven best practices, planning and executing campaigns to drastically increase student, parent, and volunteer involvement, as well as delivering direct services to a wide spectrum of youth ranging from elementary school age to college aged students in addition to to providing professional development to school staff.

Vanessa Santiago, MS

Chief Executive Officer

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