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Professional Development for School Staff

Educating young people is a demanding profession.  School faculty need to continue to grow and develop professionally to stay effective.  Our vision is to see each teacher be responsible and be held accountable in staying focused on children and attend to their academic, social, emotional and physical needs.  Through our professional development sessions, teachers will feel confident and learn/reinforce that they have the responsibility and privilege of planning and implementing the program in their classes on a daily basis.

Part of this charge is making sure that adults always treat children in a way that is respectful and developmentally appropriate.  Teachers are responsible for ensuring the welfare of the whole class as well as striving to meet the needs of individual children as much as possible within a diverse classroom.  We achieve this by creating an environment where teacher suggestions are received proactively and they also feel a sense of shared responsibility and ownership of their daily work. 

We use the Danielson Framework as reference to achieve the best possible outcomes in the classroom and even offer Train the Trainer sessions on all topics.  We are committed to making sure that your vision is fully actualized and ensure positive results in the lives of our participants.

Our popular professional development sessions include the following:

This workshop will allow participants to define Leadership and understand the difference and importance of effective leadership through interactive discussions, role play, and hands-on activities. Workshop topics include, but are not limited to, intro to leadership, effective leadership, leading others, and personal and group leadership. 

A workshop designed to focus on self-identity through the art of mask-making.  Participants are paired up and given instructions on how to design, create and decorate their masks.  This workshop highlights topics such as trust building, nonverbal communication and internal/external perception.

How do you communicate?  How can you effectively express your points to others?  How do others experience you?  In this workshop, participants learn about verbal and nonverbal communication and how tone is as important, if not more than, the words that we use.

We also offer professional development opportunities to schools and their teachers in behavior management, classroom environment and questioning.

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