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We are proud to have worked with the following clients and look forward to adding you to the list!

  • City University of New York at Brooklyn College

  • Girl Scouts of Greater New York, Inc. via the College Exploration Program (CEP)

     - MS 22-Jordan Mott

     - MS 296-South Bronx Academy for Applied Media

     - IS 129-Twin Parks

     - IS 131-Albert Einstein

​     - MS 325-Urban Science Academy

  • Florida State University

  • Fordham University

  • State University of New Jersey, Rutgers University

  • State University of New York at Plattsburgh

  • Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology


“Under the supervision and guidance of Ms. Vanessa Santiago, I enjoyed cultural learning activities, project-based learning assignments and team building activities that were organized.  Ms. Santiago created and developed learning activities that not only taught me leadership skills, but how to multitask, present information in front of a crowd, and helped me gain self-confidence.  I am an effective leader because of the creative thinking, effort and assistance Ms. Santiago afforded me.  She believed in all her students, thus producing college graduates and career driven professionals, who not only have a sense for business, but the compassion for others.”                                                                                                                                                   -Paulette Frederique-Martinez, NYC School Teacher, former participant

“Ms. Santiago has given several workshops for our Career Exploration Program.   This program is delivered to girls in five low performing middle schools in the South Bronx.  Throughout the year, we had 7th and 8th grade evening workshops “Getting Ready for High School” where students and parents were invited to attend.  Ms. Santiago’s approach is warm and friendly, creating a comfortable atmosphere for the girls to get involved and ask questions.  She informs the students of all they need to know in order to succeed in high school; she’s knowledgeable, articulate, and thorough.  The results are positive.  Our girls are informed and therefore, make better decisions.  Our alumni are excelling in high school and talking about college.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                 -Rebecca Falero, Manager CEP Transitional Services, Girl Scout Council of Great New York, Inc.

“An anonymous person once said, “A good leader gets people to respect her.  A great leader gets people to respect themselves.”  Vanessa Santiago, my former teacher taught me the importance of leadership in YLA (Youth Leadership Advisory) class.  Although I would not consider myself a leader during that point in time, observing her as a role model has taught me more about how leaders should carry themselves.  I witnessed Vanessa Santiago inspire students like me by being, knowing, and doing certain things that are acquired through continual work and study.  In YLA class, I learned one can categorize the exercise of leadership as either actual or potential.  Actual is giving guidance or direction and potential is the capacity or ability to lead.  As for Ms. Santiago, I discovered an image of an actual leader that inspired me to be one in the future.  Over the years, I have progressed in my leadership skills since I continuously remember the effective leadership guidelines that Vanessa Santiago has taught in YLA class.  I am very appreciative to have met a teacher that had the ability to lead me and others effectively in the direction of success.  Her interests in seeing students including myself grow as a leader has developed me in the academic and professional world.  Vanessa Santiago has had a stronger impact on me than she will ever know.  A great number of youth need leaders like Ms. Santiago in order to understand who a leader is and what a leader does.”                                                                                                                                                                                            

-Oriana Scotland, College Student at Mercy College, former participant

“During my years at Florida State, I've attended many events, workshops, speakers and lectures, but to this day not one has been as memorable and impactful as Vanessa Santiago’s “Self Identity Workshop.”  While planning Omega Phi Beta’s annual Week of Illumination and deciding that our theme would be self-identity, we immediately knew Vanessa’s workshop would be our main event.  Knowing Vanessa on both a professional and personal level for a few years, the members of our organization were more than excited to work with her.  The Self-Identity Workshop brought together many students from our Greek community, Hispanic/ Latino community and other cultural and academic organizations.  Her interactive seminar allowed the participants to share their experiences and truly get to know one another, while breaking down any existing barriers that would’ve otherwise made them strangers.  We received outstanding feedback from those who attended, and even those who wish they had.  It was our sincerest pleasure to work with Vanessa, as she contributed to Omega Phi Beta’s positive footprint in our community.                                                                                            

-Jessica Perdomo, Florida State University Alumnae, former participant

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