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Middle School Services

Middle school is a transitional step for students between elementary and high school.  The importance of a middle school education is enormous as it lays down the foundation for the student to go to high school and then to college.

There is an alarming increase in the number of high school dropouts or students who quit their education after middle school itself.  This can be attributed to the fact that the students decide on their own that they do not want to spend a further four to six years getting education.  Leisure is being preferred over education in this day and age; getting the students on the road to college should be done as early as possible. 


VSL Consulting offers leadership workshops focused on college and career readiness to help your students realize their full potential.  Check out what we have to offer:

​1. Junior High School to High School: Success
    This is a 4 part series that addresses the high school experience from beginning to end with a step by step guide.  We    

    can also facilitate a parent workshop on this topic.

     A. Intro to High School
          i. Tackling the myths
          ii. Understanding the expectations
          iii. Choosing the HS that’s right for you

     B. High School Survival Kit
          i. Time management
          ii. Stress management
          iii. Academic requirements
               - Credit accumulation
               - Understanding your transcript
          iv. Understanding your transcript

     C. The Best Years of Your Life
          i. Extracurricular activities
          ii. Internships
          iii. College basics

     D. Next Steps
          i. College prep

               - A few easy steps on how to begin

2. Leadership
    This workshop will allow participants to define Leadership and understand the difference and importance of effective

    leadership through interactive discussions, role play, and hands-on activities. Workshop topics include, but are not   

    limited to, intro to leadership, effective leadership, leading others, and personal and group leadership.  This workshop

    can be tailored to suit the client/audience needs.
    Duration: 1.5 hrs

3. Self-Identity
    A workshop designed to focus on self-identity through the art of mask-making.  Participants are paired up and given

    instructions on how to design, create and decorate their masks.  This workshop highlights topics such as trust building,

    nonverbal communication and internal/external perception and can be tailored to suit the client/audience needs.
    Duration: minimum of 3 hrs needed

4. Communication
    How do you communicate?  How can you effectively express your points to others?  How do others experience you?  In

    this workshop, participants learn about verbal and nonverbal communication and how tone is as important, if not more

    than, the words that we use. Tailored to all age groups.
    Duration: 1.5 hrs

**Prices are based on groups of no more than 15 participants at a time.  Contact our office for pricing information.



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