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College and University Services

The truth is, with a little effort, anyone can get into a higher education institution--be it for a trade certification, community college or a four year degree.  The challenge in today's society is surviving your college years and actually completing your degree.  Although, college- aged students are more independent, they still need our support!  Even if you graduate, it's not just doing so by the skin of your teeth, but doing so in excellence so that you have more opportunities past your first college experience.  Now more than ever we are seeing more and more college drop outs.  This is our unfortunate reality. 

The ability to cope while in college is something that is not nurtured through the K-12 academic experience.  This is where VSL Consulting hopes to bridge the gap amongst college students who are struggling.  We do this more by focusing on the leadership skills and tools required to be successful. 

Below are our workshops that are specific and intentional for the college student.  We have made some incredible strides in colleges and universities across the nation and hope to continue the work in many more institutions.  We have the ability to do this either through the Office of Student Life or individual student organizations within the institution.

1. Leadership
    This workshop will allow participants to define Leadership and understand the difference and importance of effective

    leadership through interactive discussions, role play, and hands-on activities. Workshop topics include, but are not 

    limited to, intro to leadership, effective leadership, leading others, and personal and group leadership.  This workshop

    can be tailored to suit the client/audience needs.
    Duration: 1.5 hrs

2. Self-Identity
    A workshop designed to focus on self-identity through the art of mask-making.  Participants are paired up and given

    instructions on how to design, create and decorate their masks.  This workshop highlights topics such as trust building,

    nonverbal communication and internal/external perception and can be tailored to suit the client/audience needs.
    Duration: minimum of 3 hrs needed

3. Communication
    How do you communicate?  How can you effectively express your points to others?  How do others experience you?  In

    this workshop, participants learn about verbal and nonverbal communication and how tone is as important, if not more

    than, the words that we use. Tailored to all age groups.
    Duration: 1.5 hrs


**Prices are based on groups of no more than 15 participants at a time.  Contact our office for pricing information.



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